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Thesis and Research Paper on Computerized Library System

Computerized Library System Introduction Schools set the various pedagogical changes to achieve the current level of education in other countries. Because of the growing numbers of computer users, this became an effective medium to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the students. From the traditional searching process for the books in the libraries, the interactive usage of computers can be now addressed as part of the library system. Background and Problem Statement In the aim of the universities to supply the necessary materials to their students, the idea of library management system is introduces. This involves the utilization for processing, accessing and retrieving the information that can effectively support the process of†¦show more content†¦The library system also interfaces with an external relational database which stores information about the library users (students, faculty, and staff), including whether they have any library items checked out. . Library users can access the catalog and recall books and periodicals. Library employees have the same access as well as additional capabilities (e.g., listing the status of an item). (Note: the library catalog is part of the library computer system.) Library system library employees library users Users’ Database bar code reader bar code user info book status query catalog info query, recall Check in book Library employee bar code reader Users’ Database Check book availability Recall book Library user Employee Logon Check out book Simplified Use Case Examples – note that use case elaborations include exception/error handling Use Case for Employee Logon 1. Employee initiates use case by entering user name 2. System prompts for password 3. If password is valid, employee is logged on and now has access to employee commands Use Case for Check out book: 1. Employee initiates use case when the library user presents a book at the counter 2. Employee enters the users ID number 3. The system verifies the ID by checking the Users Database 4. If the ID# is valid and the user has no overdue books or periodicals, the employee continues: 5. The books bar code is read with the barShow MoreRelatedThesis Example1721 Words   |  7 Pagesservices at a bricks and mortal retailer or in a shopping mall The metaphor of an online catalog is also used, by analogy with mail order catalogs. All types of store have retail web sites, including those that do not also have physical storefronts and paper catalogs. Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce use for business to business and business to consumer transactions. Commonly , the teenager are more interest to shopping through the online, because they have more time sit in front of theirRead MoreAcademic One File of Lyceum of the Philippines University Library as Perceived by the Selected Student of College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management2242 Words   |  9 PagesACADEMIC ONE FILE OF LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY LIBRARY AS PERCEIVED BY THE SELECTED STUDENT OF COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT A thesis presented to the faculty of College of Arts and Sciences Lyceum of the Philippines University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science International Hospitality Management with specialization in Cruise Line Operation in Hotel Services Mary Angelie M. Andres Dan Paolo M. Asuncion KarenRead MoreComputerized Profiling System4130 Words   |  17 Pagesmore spare time. Computer promotes our way of living in upgrade, an ease to almost everything. In recent years, the increased flexibility and user-friendliness of computer databases make these systems a crucial business component. In fact, some universities are now using Computer Database Management System for a faster and safer manifestation of data. However, the Office of the Student Services of Southern Leyte State University-Tomas Oppus encounters a problem of maintaining and recovering studentRead MoreComputerized Record System4514 Words   |  19 Pagespossible to see the world in a different way, to achieve new goals, which were once impossible, and to control the world us. Computers are efficient tools in processing data into useful information. These are essential tools in almost every field of research and applied technology because of their capabilities. The impact of computer varies in different applications. User can perform logical operations on texts as well as on numbers and symbols. User is made possible to process data user great speedRead MoreEssay about Thesis Document Management System11241 Words   |  45 PagesComputer Studies Thesis Document Management System University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Calamba Campus College of Computer Studies Thesis Document Management System A Software Project Presented to the Faculty of the College of Computer Studies In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Software Engineering Moreno, Ma. Angelica S. Pua, Abigail A. Torre, Juan Paulo I. March 2014 College of Computer Studies Thesis Document Management System University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – CalambaRead MoreInformation Technology and Its Significance in the Accounting Profession in Today’s Modern Society2847 Words   |  12 PagesA Library Research on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE IN THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION IN TODAY’S MODERN SOCIETY Presented to Elizabeth D. Kapulong, MA.Ed UST-AMV College of Accountancy As a partial requirement to complete the course, English 3 Prepared by The Tributes Members: Sahagun, Abbie Rose R. Pelaez, Angelica Marie, Cantoria, Gabrielle Alcid, Ariane Santiago Steffany August 22, 2012 ABSTRACT Table of Contents I. THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND 4 ARead MoreSales and Inventory System of a Pharmacy6546 Words   |  27 Pagesestablishments use various paper materials and pens to process the sales and inventory. In this new era, there are establishments using automated transaction such as sales and inventory systems while other still depend on the manual procedures like Maureen Edisel Pharmacy. It is owned by Ms. Maureen Edisel C. Igmen, it was established on April 28, 2007. And it is located at Avenida Veteranos St. Tacloban City. The researchers observed that the current aforementioned system allocates a lot of time andRead MoreWater Billing System2544 Words   |  11 Pagesbut also in education; indeed it is extraordinarily essential in any kind of offices. Computers can reduce paper work and cost associated with performing routine transactions. The ability of a computer to process data with accuracy makes it an essential tool in the performance of trivial and routine tasks necessary for decision making, planning and reporting. Computer and a preparedly system has brought the world better and easier way of running business, administering agencies, colleges and universitiesRead MoreThesis of Library System5258 Words   |  22 PagesAUTOMATED RECORD LIBRARY SYSTEM OF EMAR LEARNING CENTER: A SYSTEM PROPOSAL A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Intercity College of Science and Technology J.P Laurel St, Davao City In Partial Fulfillment To the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Submitted by: Rovilyn P. Abadia ABSTRACT This study entitled â€Å"Automated Record Library System of EMAR Learning Center† is about presenting a system that aims to automate the manual library record system of EMAR LearningRead MoreEnrollment System High School4455 Words   |  18 Pagesour modern technology. But as the population of the students continue to grow, many school face difficulties in handling their enrolment in a manual process. And one of the solutions in this problem is to make their manual enrollment into a computerized system. The School was conceptualized by the Division of City Schools of Cabanatuan through the leadership of the late Cabanatuan City Mayor Honorato C. Perez, Sr. and during the stint of then superintendent Dr. Ester C. Baylon founded the Cabanatuan

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Crypto Trading Tips for Millennials - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1145 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/08/16 Category Sociology Essay Level High school Tags: Millennials Essay Did you like this example? In todays legacy financial markets, opportunities for millennials to be involved are slim. The barriers to entry for younger investors in the stock market, securities, and commodities trading are many. Between high fees, large investment minimums, and relatively small potential gains, theres not much incentive for young people to get involved in the market. With cryptocurrency, however, there are many key factors which make it perfect for younger folks to jump in and start investing for the future. Lower trading costs, higher potential gains, and tech-heavy interfaces make cryptocurrency perfect for millennials. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Crypto Trading Tips for Millennials" essay for you Create order In fact, around 58% of cryptocurrency investors are between the ages of 18 and 34, and 7 out of 10 millennials say they are likely to consider non-traditional financial markets. But where to start? If youre a millennial who is considering jumping into the digital currency marketplace, weve assembled some tips to help you get started. Learn how to navigate the cryptocurrency marketplace The first thing youll need to know is how to enter the market. There are some key concepts youll want to get familiar with. First, youll need to select a cryptocurrency exchange to buy bitcoin. You may also want to consider another currency, we recommend that you buy ethereum or another well established altcoin. Within the bitcoin marketplace, you can even find other places with bitcoin on sale, such as cryptocurrency ATMs. Bitcoin was the first on the cryptocurrency market, so it is the most well established, and can be used in more places. Ethereum also has a wide range of uses, and is the underlying technology for many newer cryptocurrency offerings. Youll want to select the one that is the best gateway to a secondary investment that youre considering. Youll also need to understand the concept of a cryptocurrency wallet. These can either be online, or offline. You are able to store your investment locally without it being online and susceptible to theft. Its very important that you keep the digital key code to access your wallet very safe. Its that code which guarantees future access to your investment. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose Its a key investment tip in general, but even more critical in the volatile world of cryptocurrency do not invest more than youre willing to lose. About 40% of people 24-35 years old have at least $1000 in a savings account, and teen bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman says that millennials would be better off investing that money than letting it sit in a low yield savings account. Time is on millennial investors side, and with that means you can absorb more risk. Finmane went on to explain that a short-term outlook is a common mistake of may first-time investors. Some of the recent swings in cryptocurrency value belie the long term potential. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at less than half-a-billion dollars, which is still only a small fraction compared to other more established financial markets. This means the potential for growth is still huge, especially in the long term. Research, research, and more research It is key to really understand the investments youre making. You should diligently research any currency before investing in it and pick ones that have a sound plan, a useful product, and show meaningful progress on developing their concept. Many players in the cryptocurrency industry are looking to just ride the wave to short term gain, and dont really have much to offer from a solution standpoint. Its easy to get caught up in the hype around a new company, but make sure you know that its a sound business idea thats backed up by talented and dedicated staff. The more time and energy you spend researching your investment, the less time youll need to spend managing or trading it, especially on a long-term investment strategy. Use your native knowledge about apps and interfaces to really analyze who has a winning product, and place your trust in that company. Keep tabs on your investment Even though youre shooting for a longer term strategy, you will want to stay up to date on whats happening with your investment. Dont get caught up in checking the day to day value of the investment, instead read ever press release, news article, and new product update from the company youre invested in. Follow all their social media and make sure you are on their mailing list. You want to make sure the company is meeting its goals as far as product development, and staying on plan for fulfilling the promise of their given solution. By keeping tabs on the company, youll be engaged with your investment at a higher level than just tracking the value, and youll be able to predict rises and falls based on that knowledge. You can also be active by signing up when the company rolls out a beta trial for an application or solution, or by participating in surveys or focus groups. Youre invested in the companys success, so you should be as involved as possible. Diversify your portfolio Now that youre involved and active, and have a long term investment, youll be following the market and be more responsive to trends. Its a good time to consider diversifying your investment and considering some short term strategies as well. You dont want to start out this way, but after you get a better understanding of the market, youre better positioned to make this transition. There are two key ways you can diversify your portfolio, by asset class or length of investment. You can either invest in established coins (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple,) Tokenized assets (such as blockchain based real-estate investments,) or ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings.) Each one offers a different risk/reward ratio, and requires the same level of diligent research. By diversifying the length of investment, you can also increase your wealth at a higher rate. This will take more work, as short term trading requires more of your attention. Youll want to leave a large long term investment for security, and then take a smaller amount to start dabbling in shorter term plays. Just get started! Sometimes the biggest barrier to entry is a fear of the unknown. Take a small amount, and just jump in. Make sure you begin with a well established crypto asset, but by getting involved youll begin to really learn about the market and investing. With most crypto assets on the tail end of a long slide in value, many consider this a great time to get involved. The old adage buy low, sell high, means that dips in the market are good opportunities to join in. There arent many facets of life where millennials feel like they have a ton of control over their future, but starting a cryptocurrency investment portfolio is one way you can actively own a piece of your financial future. What are you waiting for?

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Anorexia Nervosa As A Pathological Fear Of Gaining Weight

Introduction Anorexia Nervosa is a type of eating disorder defined as a pathological fear of gaining weight. In its simple term, is self-starvation. There are records that Simone Porta of Genoa, Italy, diagnosed the first medical account of anorexia nervosa in 1500. A hundred years later, in 1689, Sir. Richard Morton, a British physician offered a detailed explanation of the medical illness and reported two adolescent cases (One female and one male). He describes it as wasting away due to emotional turmoil. In the year 1874, two physicians introduced anorexia nervosa as a clinical diagnosis. These two physicians are Charles Lasà ¨gue, of France, and English physician, Sir William Gull. In their clinical reports, it was clear that Gull and Lasà ¨gue had different views on the condition, yet both defined it as a â€Å"nervous† disease distinguished by self-starvation. Gull was the first to use the term anorexia nervosa, which literally mean â€Å"nervous loss of appetite† to the Clinical Society of London. The following year, Gull’s report was published to the society which made the term anorexia nervosa gain its immense acceptance. It was not until the 1930s that physicians for the first time gave value to the importance of psychotherapy in treating anorexia nervosa patients. From here on, physicians continued their research; further increasing society’s knowledge on the physical and emotional harm the condition causes, and finding more ways to effectively treat patients. Diagnosis ToShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Fear of Fat Criterion Within the DSM IV1626 Words   |  7 Pageson dieting and body dissatisfaction. The media advertises weight loss products in the form of pills, drinks, surgery, fitness equipment and support groups to mold individuals into the proposed ideal form. This evidence alone suggests a strong case for the possibility of a pathological fear of fat. Is this fear, however, the driving force behind all cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia? According to the DSM IV, the fear of gaining weight is essential for these diagnoses to be made. Strong argumentsRead MoreAnorexia Nervosa Research Paper733 Words   |  3 PagesPrevalence of anorexia nervosa (AN) continues to be on the rise. AN has the highest lethality of all psychiatric conditions; its chronicity is due to high levels of psychiatric morbidity, common relapse, unknown etiology, and great variability in the course of illness and final outcome (Guarda, 2008). Characterized by pathol ogical food-restraining behaviors, intense fear of gaining weight, and distorted perceptions of one’s body weight and size (Hooley, Butcher, Nock, Mineka, 2016), this paperRead MoreThe Trauma Of Anorexia Nervosa953 Words   |  4 PagesThe trauma of anorexia Let’s start saying that in my family two of them had or still have anorexia: my cousin and my aunt. It has been a pain in the heart. For years, I was afraid of the magnitude of this mental disorder. Anyway, this disorder is something that intrigued me for a long time, so I am going to try to transmit the pain it can release this disorder to the family and mainly to the person who actually has it. The mental disorder, called: anorexia nervosa, is a disorder characterized byRead MoreBinge Eating Disorder: Learning The Differences Between1461 Words   |  6 Pages(Binge Eating Disorder, 2014). When it comes to talking about binge eating disorders, most individuals only know the phrase â€Å"binging and purging†, however there are different forms of binge eating. These different forms are bulimia nervosa, a subtype of anorexia nervosa, and then there is just â€Å"normal† binge eating disorder. Uncovering the differences between these three different forms of binge eating disorder can help to educate many people that do not already know the differences, so that we mayRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1906 Words   |  8 Pageswhich are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating.These disorders affect all aspects of a person’s life, including their psychological, emotional, and physical health. There are many factors that contribute to individuals developing eating disorders including: genetics, family pressures, athletics, lack of knowledge, and the media. We need to make people aware that no age, race , gender ,or sexual orientation is ex empt from developing an eating disorder, we are all at risk. Anorexia NervosaRead MoreEating Disorders And Anorexia Nervosa2705 Words   |  11 Pagesfood, but the urge to eat less or more can spiral out of control. Severe distress or concerns about weight and body image can also be characterize as an eating disorder (National Institute of Health , 2014). Eating disorders usually appear during teen years or young adulthood, but can also develop during childhood or later in life. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Eating disorders are real, but however are treatable medical illnesses. Eating disorders coexist withRead More Comorbidity issues in Eating Disorders Essay2657 Words   |  11 Pagesthoroughly for the fear that if she exceeds this set amount or style that something harmful will come to her. These behaviors are only present when she is eating and have been observed in no other context, which would lead one to believe that the behavior is tied to eating specifically. While these are behaviors that are sometimes present with an eating disorder, just simply the description of this routine does not in itself specify an eating disorder. For diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia thereRead MoreEating Disorders Are Potentially Life Threatening Illnesses Essay1912 Words   |  8 Pagesat age 17, was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa after dropping twenty-two pounds for a school dance. Amy had been under a great amount of stress with organizing their school ball, trying to find a partner, and get ting a dress. She decided to drop weight before this special occasion. While at the ball, Amy received multiple compliments about her weight loss. This was a contributing factor to her Anorexia. Soon after, Amy’s family noticed she was still dropping weight. Amy was then given the opportunityRead MoreEssay Co-occurrence of Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders3078 Words   |  13 PagesCo-occurrence of Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders I. Introduction Considering the growing preoccupation of teenage girls with their weight and their bodies, eating disorders have become even more of a concern. In light of the fact that mortality in anorexia nervosa is among the highest of all psychiatric disorders, it is increasingly important to understand what causes eating disorders and how best to treat them (Herzog et al., 1996). A meaningful area of research to consider whenRead More Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy And Exposure With Response Prevention In The Treatment Of Bulimia Nervosa3130 Words   |  13 PagesResponse Prevention In The Treatment Of Bulimia Nervosa Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder with psychological, physiological, developmental, and cultural components. The disorder is commonly characterized by binge eating followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviors, such as self-induced vomiting, excessive exercise, fasting, and the misuse of diuretics, laxatives or enemas. Patients properly diagnosed with bulimia nervosa endure many psychological and physiological problems

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Have We Outgrown Our Government free essay sample

Our government Is NOT ruled by a majority, but Instead is ruled by an already enforced set ot laws that are interpreted and enforced on to actions that the government and its people want to participate in: and can only be changed by amending the current list of unalienable laws that are given to us by this Constitution. Even with this understanding, our country still came to this governmental standstill that has threatened to throw us into another. more devastating economic depression. So then we ask, what exactly is wrong with our government? After reviewing articles and isten to Professor Arbours lecture on the advantages to a parliamentary government, [Ve been able to come toa sound conclusion. The Constitutional Republic that we currently have is no longer functional. and that we must adapt and change to a more unicameral, majoritarianistic, parliamentarian system of government, if we wish to see our country thrive as it once did. We will write a custom essay sample on Have We Outgrown Our Government? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To understand the root of the problem. we first have to understand the major difference between a unicameral. arliamentarian type of government am arguing for, and the bicameral, constitutional republic that we are currently ruled by. In a parliamentarian system, there iS only one unicameral chamber, Of only ONE political party. The party that is elected has a strong stance, its ideology is well known and can be expected to be followed thoroughly, and it is elected to enact laws and pass legislation. Preferably, the elected party is representative of what the majority of the people actually want. With only one political party, usually housing strong ideologies on what should be done with the country that t is gwermng, It Is much easier for the population to themselves Identify what is working and what Is not orking as law. Addtlonally it is easier tor voters to see where parts ot the system has gone wrong, who implemented these changes, and makes voting out the detrimental unit, either physical representative or piece of legislation, much more effective. Professor Arbours lecture made It a point to drive this particular Idea home, Advantages: Easy for voters to assign blame or credit. Given that elections are able to be held whenever there is a deadlock between representatives as well. this form of government would allow us to quickly handle the dispute by putting it up to a vote. y wanted to force a showdown over the budget a year after the election, wed have another election winning party would get to implement its agenda. In contrast, with the constitutional republic we are in now, assigning blame to parties responsible for malfunctioning pieces of legislation and ousting them from our governing system is one of the most difficult things to do. The fact that our government is run by two different majorities, who seemingly have enough power to be each be respectively called a majority, makes the creation, review, and enactment f laws painstakingly difficult. Taking the current economy, and governmental standoff, of the United States as an example we can see the glaring downfalls of our bicameral chambers unfolding in front of our eyes. With each party blaming the other for economic difficulties, and each claiming to represent their respective groups, no one really knows what exactly these groups really stand for, and consequently, dont know who is to blame for the government breakdown. First of all, as we see that now the parties are becoming more and more united to one central thinking or ideology hey are representing (something that we havent really seen in previous years), this presents a devastating problem towards effective governing of the US. Although we say that the majority rules in our government the fact is that with the amount of power we give the minority group, they do have the ability to act as a majority group would. The group that is considered to be representing the minority group in our population, in efforts to have everyone equally represented, essentially has almost the same amount of power that the majority group has already, in essence, won hrough elections. The article Blame the Constitution for This Mess by Alex Pareene brings this exact point to the forefront: Shouldnt we actually be upset about a system of government that gives 80 people representing 18 percent of the population the ability to drag the United States to the edge of national default? To clarify this even further, the way our governmental system is set up is so disproportionate, that it gives 18% of the population the ability to bring the entire government, including the majority (82% of the US population) to its knees. Through his shocking scenario, one thing remains glaringly clear: our republican system is crippled by the laws that were made to support it. This constant game of strategy to see who can get their bill passed into law, or who can get their specific groups wants expressed to have better chances at re-election takes the focus away from actual effective national governing. This makes our government essentially useless, to the point where it is comparable to two separate groups playing a game of Chicken to see who backs down first. Many people perceive this parliamentary form of government bad, because the ajority would constantly be able to win control over how the government is run. To my understanding, isnt that exactly what we, as a country made up mainly of middle class, working American citizens, so desperately need? This seemingly utopian form of government will undoubtedly have flaws. One said flaw that is quite apparent would be the need to have constant elections, even more frequent that we already legislation that many have viewed as detrimental to the country, there will have to be a vote conducted to decide on it. This would make policy making especially hard, eeing as whenever a policy is made, if it seems detrimental in the eyes of the people, it can be voted out, effectively stalling or making policy making itself, a hassle. Though bothersome, it is a price that I personally would willingly pay if it meant actual representation of our current majority, not representation of ideological minority groups, as stated by Pareene. In my opinion, it has been far too long since policies have sufficiently represented the will of the people, and not the will of the lobbyists at the Capital. This discombobulated Republic that were erroneously call a Democracy has been imply outgrown. We are being run by a government created hundreds of years ago, by men who could have never fathomed what we would become. It is known that a country is not static. Its people, societies, thinking, needs, issues, norms, and ideas are constantly changing and morphing into new, more advance things. Why is it then, that we confine ourselves to a static form of government? If our ideas, needs, norms, and issues are constantly changing, why are we, as a united people, unable to replicate this change in our government? A government that is in charge of running ne of the most prosperous, dynamic, and leading countries in the world, needs to be one that is able to adapt to the changes that, as a country and as citizens, we will inevitably have to face. Over the years, we have become too lax, too fearful to take the reins of our country back. We put the government in power to make sure that order is kept, and to make surer that it will fit our needs, not the other way around. We do not work for our government our government works for us, and with a parliamentarian government, it will have the flexibility to do exactly that. word count: 1,400

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Describe An Experience That Changed You Essays -

Describe an experience that changed you The black pirate hat danced around in the air, weaving and bobbing to some Disneyland music. Attached to it was my head and the rest of me, being dragged along on this wild ride. The only sounds I heard were ones of trumpets soaring higher and higher, trying to hit an absurdly high note. The pirate hat and the warm Florida night had taken control, and my self-consciousness went right out the window. I danced, not greatly or with any skill whatsoever, but I danced. For that one night, at the end of our trip to Florida and Walt Disney World, I enjoyed life in a way I never have before. Earlier that evening, I had wandered around the hotel, feeling lonely and bored. My roommate and I had planned on visiting the theme parks, but his father, a chaperon, had taken him out for a surprise birthday dinner. So I was left alone to wander. Feeling in the mood to play some video games, I headed out to the arcade with a crisp ten dollar bill. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out, penniless, after quickly finding out that I should never get behind the wheel of a race car. I don't believe I even managed to complete one lap, let alone finish. On the way back, I ran into some friends of mine, who had returned from dinner to get their tickets for the theme parks. Seeing how lonely I was, they invited me to go with them. I agreed, happy to do anything. We got our tickets, and decided to go to the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks and the parade. When we arrived there, we walked around, stopping to get some ice cream and pie. The air was constantly filled with the screams of joy from children running around, and every person had a smile on his face. The happy mood was contagious and I began to smile myself. My two friends sat down for a minute to enjoy their ice cream, so I went into a store looking for a souvenir. The pirate hat sat on the table, looking silly even from across the room. I moved closer, a smile and a chuckle coming from me as I thought about what my friends might say. A cartoonish sticker of Captain Hook was on the front brim, and his large smile sold me. I picked it up, paid for it, and put it on, anticipating the reaction of my friends. I was not disappointed. Howls of laughter burst forth, and I quickly joined in, enjoying the moment. I spent the rest of time at the park and the ride back to the hotel with a big sm ile on my face. It was around eleven o'clock when we got in, but I was having too much fun to go to sleep. It was also our last night in Florida. I went into my room, and got out my Cd player, and put in my Disney Jazz cd, wanting to listen to some fun music. I intended only to listen and watch the stars and the night, but the incessant beat of the drums and jubilation's of the trumpets filled me with energy. I was in such a good mode, I began to let the music move me, and I was off. For once in my life, I forgot about being mature and serious, and let it all go. I got even more flamboyant when my other friends returned, enjoying their shock at seeing me like this. I had the time of my life. When I think back on that trip, it always brings back a smile to my face. Since then I've tried to be less serious and enjoy life a little more. I've made more friends and I have had more fun this past year than I have before. That experience has changed my life for the better, and I'm glad it happened in a funny way.

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The Parable of Individual Attributes essays

The Parable of Individual Attributes essays Star Trek, a television series originally created by Gene Roddenbury in the year 1966, has become a unique cultural trend in the late 20th Century. Though Roddenbury has only intended to create another perpetual science fiction series in the beginning, Star Trek turns out to be a popular fictitious model of its kind, which begins a whole new generation of science fiction novels, television series, and movies. For the past 33 years, Star Trek has brought numerous philosophical, social, and moral notions to audiences from different civilizations and age groups. Its main theme has gone beyond the famous Star Trek slogan: To explore new space; to encounter new life; to boldly go where no man has gone before (Gross 28) to a deeper physiological and psychological level of moral understanding. Star Trek has evolved from an ordinary television series to the meaning of Logos, Ethos, and Pathos relating to every person in the secular society. In the classic Star Trek series, there had been many social and political controversies over the dressing styles of the Twenty-second Century people, the race chosen for each character in the series, and the overall differences between the aliens and the Twenty-second Century people aboard the Starship Enterprise. After the first several episodes of the series, the outlooks and the characteristics of the crew had gradually changed to fit the desire of the audiences, but Roddenbury continued to create many different scenarios for the episodes with insightful implications sketched inside them. Each crewmember of the Enterprise was given one or more distinct human characteristics that when the crew worked together, they would either work perfectly together or create total chaos. Roddenbury tried to bring many theological and philosophical aspects into the first series by setting the themes and titles of various episodes to be either Biblical or self-conflicting. These ideas led the a...

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Healthy food can be unhealthy for your wallet Essay

Healthy food can be unhealthy for your wallet - Essay Example Healthy foods are associated with the desired nutrients by the body. According to Michele Obama, healthy foods constituted of fresh fruits and vegetables in their time. It is as a result of this assertion that greens, as well as fruits, are very expensive today. The farmers, as well as the businessmen, know that these types of foods are in high demand in the market. As a result of this, they hike their prices in order to make a profit. In her speech, Michele also claimed that parents at her time used to cover long distances in search of healthy foods such as lettuce and fresh fruits for their children. From Michele’s assertion, one can deduce that the access to healthy foods is associated with a lot of expenses. For instance, for one to access fruits, he or she has to spend some amount of money as fare to the market. Additionally, the preparation of healthy foods is also very involving; it requires the observance of step by step procedures. It is as a result of such expenses t hat healthy foods are un-pocket friendly today.In the past, majority of the parents had small pieces of farms for fruits and vegetables. The availability of the fruits and vegetables in the backyards not only reduced the proximity of the healthy foods, but also made them very available. Unlike in the past, very few people have backyards for vegetables and fruits today. The rise in population, as well as advancement in technology, has led to the diversion of land use to other practices. It is as a result of this that healthy foods are very scarce in the market.